Patient Assessment Survey (PAS)

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The Patient Assessment Survey (PAS), which has been administered for over a decade, is an annual survey to assess patient experience with medical groups’ care and services among adult HMO and POS enrollees in California. PAS is the nation’s largest system for evaluating and publishing physician group ratings based on the patient’s experience and participating medical groups provide care to more than 90% of commercially insured HMO and POS patients in California. The PAS survey contains a set of patient experience measures on access, patient-doctor interactions, office staff interactions, coordination of care, health promotion, and overall ratings of care. The survey is based on the industry-standard CG-CAHPS© instrument with some customization for topics of interest locally. 
The PAS results have been published on the State Office of the Patient Advocate ( website in prior years, and the most recent set of results can be found here. PAS results have been featured by both Consumer Reports and the California HealthCare Foundation's (CHCF) site in past years.
A number of physician groups also administer the PAS Doctor Survey, whose results are available only to the group, to obtain patient experience results at the individual physician level for performance improvement and recognition activities.
In addition to publishing the survey results to assist consumers in selecting a medical group, the PAS results comprise 30% of the California Pay for Performance formula administered by the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA). Health plans and medical groups also use the PAS medical group results for quality improvement and recognition activities.
In mid-2013, the PAS program was brought under the governance of CHPI. Incorporating PAS into CHPI added a third, distinct aspect of quality to its performance information work.

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