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June 3, 2016
Design thinking as a way to improve patient experience

June 1, 2016
Internet of Medical Things improves patient experience

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H&HN; 12/2/15: How to Create Exceptional Patient Experiences - Without Exception

Impressive growth in patient satisfaction from the 18th percentile to the 90th percentile!
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HBR 9/17/13: Understanding the Drivers of the Patient Experience

Many hospitals, including the Cleveland Clinic, are implementing a variety of strategies to improve the patient experience—an issue that’s rapidly becoming a top priority in health care. The Accountable Care Act now links performance related to patient-experience metrics to reimbursement. For the first time, the pay of hospitals and eventually individual providers will be partly based on how they are rated by patients. Few disagree on the importance and the need to be more patient centric, but what exactly is the “patient experience”?

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PXJ Vol 2, 2015:Patient Leadership: Taking Patient Experience to the Next Level?

NHS England commissioned the project described in this article to explore how patients and carers can, acting as leaders, make a real difference in improving experience of care. The work was carried out on a collaborative basis, co-designing the scope of the research with patient leaders and commissioners. We gathered case examples across England that had involved patient leaders in using patient and carer feedback to improve experience of care. A Patient Leaders Expert Advisory Group selected four case examples that were visited to undertake a more detailed study and subsequently discussed and agreed the key learning points and conclusions.

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